Our Duct Cleaning Process

Step 1: Introductions and Walkthrough

Duct Cleaning Process Step OneDuctPro does not sub-contract their work

Our duct cleaning process begins the minute our truck pulls into your driveway

  • Our uniformed technician(s) will come to your door and identify them selves by name
  • They will present their business card
  • They will answer any questions or concerns you may have
  • They will ask for the most accessible way to enter your home

After Introductions

  • The technician will ask you to do a walk-through of the house pointing out the location of each register and where the furnace is located
  • Your thermostat will be turned up to observe a normal furnace cycle
  • Your furnace will be shut down while the duct cleaning is being done
  • Your circuit breaker to the furnace will be turned off
  • Dampers will be opened, if closed. they will be marked with a black marker to establish their original position
  • They will turn off the electric air cleaner if there is one
  • Tarps will be laid to protect your floors and carpets

Duct Cleaning Process Step OneStep 2: Preparation

Our high powered self contained vacuum system will be brought into your home.

All dirt, dust and debris will be sucked right into our powerful machine.

Our technician will remove all hot and cold register covers. If we attempt to remove a register cover and see it is going to be a problem we will inform you and you can make the decision of its removal. Register openings can be cleaned from the basement if we are unable to remove them.



Step 3: Pre Clean

Duct Cleaning Process Step OneThe metal box under the floor register is called the "stack boot." This area, along with the branch of duct work that runs into each room, is blasted with high powered air. This process flushes dirt & debris downward toward the main duct system.

A piece of foam is then inserted inside the registers opening. This is done to make the opening air tight which prevents any blow-back (debris) from re-entering your home and creates a negative pressure so that the duct cleaning machine will have a high powered suction allowing a successful duct cleaning process.

Each register is hand washed, then set to air dry.

Duct Cleaning Process Step OneStep 4: Attaching the Vaccuum

A 12" access hole is cut into the air supply plenum of the furnace and a 4" foam pad is inserted to block debris from entering the system.

Note: Holes will be patched upon completion of the cleaning.

Our quick-connect collar is then attached. One end of the vacuum hose is attached to our machine the other is attached to the collar on the furnace.

Note: The closer the hose is to the furnace the better suction.



Step 5: The Cleaning ProcessDuct Cleaning Process Step One

The powerful vacuum is turned on which creates a high velocity air movement to transport loosened dirt and other contaminants out of your duct work and directly into the air tight vacuum's filtration/collection system.

In the basement attic or crawl the technician uses cutting tools to create a series of smaller access openings.

The furthest run is then cleaned by feeding the forward/reverse Aire-Sweep assembly down each branch of the duct system two or three times to push every inch of construction debris, plaster board, pieces of wood or stone, along with dirt and dust forward to the main run.

Next we insert our 18" power brush. This brush allows us to clean all four sides of your duct system. This brush is pushed back and forth several times over the entire system to polish and dislodge any caked on debris from inside the duct surface. Our tough nylon bristles are stiff enough for thorough cleaning, but soft enough for use on fiberglass lined ducts.

After a through brush cleaning we insert the air hose once again and reverse sweep the entire length and clean the ductwork of any
remaining dirt.

Duct Cleaning Process Step OneStep 6: Clean and Inspection

Once the supply side is completely cleaned, the return side is cleaned using the same method. Our technician will use a mirror and a high powered flash light to visually inspect the system.

Many customers ask if they can see how dirty their system was. If you choose, this would be the time for you to look into the vacuum or the duct system. At the customer's request we will insert our live feed camera.

Metal access openings are sealed with custom made patches and secured with metal tapping screws. Fiberglass systems are patched with the circular piece that was removed and secured with foil tape.

Ducts will be returned to air tight condition, all pads will be removed and the cleaned registers covers are put back on.

Duct Pro highly recommends a new filter be put back once you system is cleaned. If you have a new filter, our technician will install it for you.

Step 7: Final Steps and CleanupDuct Cleaning Process Step One

The cleaning is complete when we finish up with the vacuuming of the cavity of the furnace.

Our technician will apply a sticker with DuctPro's name, date of cleaning and the technician(s) who cleaned the system.

  • Dampers will be replaced to their original position
  • Technician will turn the furnace back on and run the heating and cooling through a cycle to verify it is operational
  • Floors within the area we worked will be swept of any debris
  • Technician along with the customer will make a final walk through to check for anything that needs to be addressed before leaving the job site
  • Customer will sign paper work and pay the technician
  • All equipment is returned to truck