DuctPro cleans the most NEGLECTED, UNSANITARY part of your home:
Your Air Ducts!

Does anyone in your home suffer from allergies, asthma, headaches, eye irritations, respiratory or sinus problems? If so the cause may be in the air that you are breathing right inside your home.

MicrobesMore than 70% of all indoor air quality problems involve the HVAC (heating, ventilation & air conditioning) system as dirty ducts are an ideal breeding ground. Over the years, dirt, dust (and mites), pet hair and dander, pollen, mold, mildew and other contaminants build up and can be trapped inside the ductwork of your home. This isn't just a nuisance, it's unhealthy!

We have all told our kids "cover your mouth" whenever they sneeze because it makes sense to keep germs from flying through the air, but many times a day our heating and cooling systems blow around germs in the same way and we don't give that a thought!

Common indoor air contaminants include:

  • fibers and chemicals from carpeting and fabric
  • formaldehyde and other chemicals from furniture
  • vapors from cleaning products
  • germs, bacteria and viruses
  • hair, skin and pet dander

The combined health effects of these pollutants can be significant, especially on those suffering from allergies, asthma or other respiratory aliments.

Think about this:

Your home's air duct network acts as a respiratory system. It collects viruses, mold, pollen, bacteria, dirt, dust, debris, and microbial growth that are hidden from view. This debris "congests" the system and makes it difficult for the house to "breathe" properly and function efficiently. The heating and cooling industry has stated that over seventy-five percent of repair work needed on furnace systems is a result of dirty mechanical components. Reduced air supply can be the cause of premature failure of expensive heating, ventilation & air conditioning components.

New Home Construction

If you have recently built a new home, most likely there was quite a lapse of time between the installation of the duct work and the completion of your home. There was plenty of opportunity for dust and dirt to have gotten in, along with foreign objects such as rocks, sticks and other objects that children may have dropped down the register openings while the house was being built. Building materials such as drywall dust and hardwood floor dust are the worst. Most filters are not dense enough to keep this type of dust from finding its way into your duct system. Some clean up crews even use your register openings as a garbage shoot. We have also found some workmen's unfinished lunches in the ducts.

If you just purchased your first home or are moving into a different home DuctPro has heard horror stories about how filthy some homes are when they were purchased. Yet this did not stop you from purchasing the home. First you will embark in a whole lot of cleaning. Next you will paint the walls and then you will have the carpets and drapes cleaned or replaced. As you sit back and look at all your hard work, you can't believe it is the same house. But if the visual areas were dirty, what do you think was left behind in the duct system? If you never see the dirt in your duct system, do you care if it's dirty? DuctPro says you should as this is the air you will be breathing!

Finding a Qualified Duct Cleaning Company:

Our customers have told us that finding an indoor air quality specialist or an air duct cleaner you can count on is not easy. That's why Duct Pro cautions you to get the facts and compare before you choose a duct cleaning service!

  • There are many service companies that offer duct cleaning such as: carpet cleaners, chimney sweepers, heating and cooling companies; but ask yourself what is their primary business?
  • Multi-service companies clean carpet, clean chimneys, and install and maintain furnace and air conditioning equipment in addition to duct cleaning.
  • Do they have the proper duct cleaning equipment to do the job properly?

It always makes sense to compare prices but not all duct cleaning companies offer the same method of cleaning as DuctPro.

Remember the old saying, "if something is to good to be true..." Avoid advertisements that offer $49 - $99 "whole house specials" and other sales gimmicks (see this BBB Article)

To narrow down your local contractors you might ask them the following questions:

  1. Do you SPECIALIZE in Air Duct Cleaning?
  2. Will you COME TO MY HOUSE to quote the job?
  4. Do you provide a WRITTEN QUOTE prior to the start of the job?
  5. Are your workers FULL TIME EMPLOYEES of YOUR company?
  6. Are the workers you send out FULL TIME Duct Cleaners?
  7. Do your technicians bring PHOTO IDENTIFICATION?
  8. Do your workers PROTECT MY FLOORS?
  9. Will my REGISTERS & RETURN COVERS be REMOVED and cleaned?
  10. Do you use 18" BRUSHES in the Main Ducts (SUPPLY & RETURN)?
  11. Will you provide proof of LIABILITY INSURANCE?
  12. How LONG has the company been in business?
  13. Is the company in good standing with our local Better Business Bureau?
  14. May I make a VISUAL INSPECTION after the system has been cleaned?
  15. Do you SUB-CONTRACT your Duct Cleaning work?

Don't just get a price: You must compare apples to apples and that goes for Duct cleaning companies too.

If you would like to learn more about indoor air quality and its importance to your family please contact us.

Duct Pro is committed to offering our customers not only the most thorough cleaning possible, but the knowledge of how the duct cleaning is done, along with honesty in the way we price out services.